Therapy for Teens and Families

Adolescence has never been an easy transition. Today it is more complicated than ever thanks to social media and the internet. Studies have shown that depression increases with the amount of time spent on social media. I am here to help with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, self-harm and suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Often relationships within the family begin to suffer as well, so if calm conversations are getting difficult or anger seems to be the only emotion in the room, let's sit down and see what is going on and how I can help. Together we can craft solutions for whatever your teen and family are struggling with.
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Therapy for Teens

Adolescence has never been easy, but the challenges are bigger today than ever before. The instant and constant connection that cell phones creates adds an element that previous generations have not had to deal with and we, as parents, are hardly prepared for.

Teens today present in therapy with a wide array of issues from depression and anxiety to bullying, anger issues, and suicidal thoughts. I have worked with teenagers struggling with these and many other issues.

If you are worried that your teenager is depressed, check out this list of warning signs.

Family Therapy

Many people ask me about the difference between Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists. My standard answer is that Counselors are taught about mental illness and behavioral issues with a focus on the individual. A Marriage and Family Therapist can work with the individual, but they are taught to see the whole system within which the individual functions. How does the family operate around the alcoholic? How does the depressed teenager impact the rest of the family? And in turn, how does the family impact the teen’s depression? What impact does the group of people at work have on Mom and her level of daily stress?

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I will inquire about family history and create a genogram where we can explore what experiences of your ancestors impact your family today. What family stories are important to you?

There are times when having all the members of the family in the room is the most effective way to create positive change within the family. Even though we may begin therapy with everyone, there may be times when we work with one or two members for a time. Therapy is customized to you, your family, and your issues and needs. ​